10 January 2007

Some Changes

With the new season about to start, I thought it was about time to have a few changes around here. I had a great thought of upgrading the blog look, a new look for the season, but it has not gone too good so far, so will postpone it for later.

My attempt at changing the look of this blog is much like this image.

In the meantime, I have updated a few of the links on the right side of the page. First up the teams links have been upgraded a little, to cover all the changes in the team members. That’s all the team that have websites running, and the new site from our team, which will be finished soon. There will be a few more changes to the other sites listed as well. If you have any ideas yourself, let me know with the comments link below, or send me a email and see what I can do. Here is a good one in the mean time, this is a cool mail service that you get every week or so. It’s called Cycle-Wire, just go and subscribe, and the information sent is amazing. More great cycling stories and related websites etc, than you can ever imagine.

One of the big changes will be our name, gone is the Buitenpoort from the name, now we are just called ‘Flexpoint’. This will be a little bit easier to say, for both the team and some of the commentators during the races. There will be a change of uniforms, this will be a bit of getting used to. After two years, our team has been rather easy to spot, now we are going to loose them in the peloton for the first few races, but it won’t take long. We got all the other new uniforms, from all the other teams to look for as well.

Our new lineup for the year is listed below, some new faces and most of the old gang are back.

Annette Beutler SUI
Loes Gunnewijk NED
Britt Jochems NED
Luise Keller GER
Mie Lacota DEN
Susanne Ljungskog SWE
Loes Markerink NED
Mirjam Melchers- van Poppel NED
Amber Neben USA
Madeleine Sandig GER
Trine Schmidt DEN
Iris Slappendel NED
Suzanne Van Veen NED

In: Trine Schmidt, Mie Lacota, Loes Markerink, Iris Slappendel, Britt Jochems.

Out: Tanja Hennes, Vera Koedooder, Sandra Rombouts, Linda Villumsen,
Elsbeth Vink.

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