13 January 2007

New Stuff.

Things are moving along very quick this time of year, not only is the year slipping away fast (that's for those of us that are working though, not you folk still on holiday), but the race season is almost upon us. We just held the Nationals for our country, both the TT and the road race are done now, and we have a few new champions flying the new shirts (more on this later), we might see them racing around the world very soon.

The new website is up for Team Flexpoint, running now so muake sure you check it out. It's almost finished and looking pretty sweet, sorry but it's still in Dutch, but we will work on some English translations for the international audience later. But at least the pictures are looking good if you can't read anything.

You can see good things like the new look Team, and do they look fast. All resplendent in their new team uniform. A few of the gang have yet to get their pic taken, but you can get the idea. Here a couple of shots of the new uniform up close. Mirjiam is doing the modelling for us, and nice to see her back on her bike. For those of you that are new, she is recovering from a major accident that happened in the Euregio Tour, but you can read that later. So good to see her back on her bike, think that's why she is smiling so much. Just hope I can get used to the new uniforms quickly, so we can spot our girls at the front of the races when they attack.

Nice and clean looking kit, with a few new sponsors on board for the year.

And from the front, with a sneak peak of the new bikes as well.

It looks great, and so does the bike, not sure how long the bar tape will stay white with my greasy hands all over it.

You could also check out the race calendar for the new season. And from the looks of things I have my work cut out for me again this year. Had a good look through the races, and there is only about two races near the end of the list that the Team won't be racing. Everything else there we will have a good crack at it.

Coming soon, new pictures of the team cars new graphics, also the truck has had a bit of a makeover as well. But can't show you too much at once, otherwise you won't come back.

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