7 February 2007

Almost Racing.

The season is almost upon us, which means it's almost time to race, and unfortunately some work for me. It's starting to get hot here in little old NZ, sitting here sweating in 26'c with the humidity up at about 98%, this is at 11.30pm as well. Which makes it far too hot and sticky to do anything really.

Europe has started to feel the full effects of a good winter, plenty of cold weather, snow and howling storms, shame I get to miss out on them really. The team has headed in to warmer climates for a two week training camp, off the coast of Spain. Mallorca, a small island off the coast, home to many cycling teams this time of year, all escaping the harshness of winter. Time to get some sun, some training, time to do some team bonding with the newer members, and time to just hang out together. Mallorca has it's off season this time of year, with temperatures ranging around the mid to late twenties, it's just what you need to thaw yourself out of a European winter.
I found a few images of the island so you get an idea of what it looks like.

The Mallorca waterfront 1954, it may have changed slightly by now.

Sounds like the whole team is there besides Amber and myself. It's a bit of a mission for the both of us to get there for only two weeks, so I will enjoy the summer here instead.

You can start to do a bit of homework on the first few races as well, with the Geelong Tour, then we have the Geelong World Cup a day after that one.

A few days later, we al fly back to New Zealand for the Trust House Tour of Wellington, which is starting to get quite a bit of interest in the media over here. Just today there was a report on the local news of another Pro Team Coming down to get spanked by our team. Should be quite an impressive race in the end, as this is the fourth Pro team to announce it's starting.

As yet we have not picked our National Team that will be competing in these three races, but that will be happening this weekend at a couple of local races. And what a good line up to choose from as well, at least there is some of the girls left after all the pro teams have picked the eyes out of our country. But more on that team after the selection has taken place over the weekend.

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Steven said...

Hi Benny, sweet bikes (as Napoleon D. would say). Have been enjoying reading your posts. Glad you liked our Flying Monkeys. See the guy from Breaking Away has got an Oscar nom?
When do you go? Cheers, drop me a line at steven@spareroom.co.nz