21 April 2007

Novilon International Damesronde van Drenthe

Race three in the series up in Drente was held directly after the World Cup. With a few changes to the team, four out, four in, we got underway in which would normally the last stage. But this was feeling weird, as it was the same race as last year, same start, and same finish as the stage race, but it was a stand alone race again. I'm not complaining as the sun was up once again, and no real wind to speak of, what more could I ask for. Up to now we had had no problems, where as most teams had had major issues on the cobbles, multiple punctures and rider failures, we were pretty sweet, and I was wishing as usual to continue along these lines.

One of the local Belgium Trade Teams Capri-Sonne, and their new bikes for the year. Capri-Sonne makes fresh orange juice, still sold out of the tetrahedral shaped Tetra pack (designed in lil old NZ).

Hey it's Linda, riding for T-Mobile in her Danish champions shirt. That's the USA Natioanal team on her right, not team Spiderman.

This time we were not so lucky with our position in the caravan, car number 19, this out of 28 is not bad, but you still can't see shit this far back. If there is any problems at the front of the race with bikes, it would take us about half an hour to get there, by that time it would be too late. I shudder to think what it's like racing this far behind the peloton all the time. We are lucky that the radio's work this far behind the bunch.

Racing started, and around and around we go, with five runs over the Vamberg (our rubbish hill, remember) and a bit of the country we had already been over in the last few days, it was going to be a long day. But the speed of the race was good, and the bunches were splitting up all over the show. But still it did not change things too much, and the race was still altogether in the last laps of the course. But just as we thought that, there was a great attack on the Vamberg, with three serious riders, busting out over the hill. They managed to hold out almost to the end of the race, and were caught again for a bunch sprint. Today again was not so good for us in the positioning, no podium finishes, but all finished in the bunch. And more importantly, no problems with the bikes again, they all stayed together till the end. Nothing fell off them, not even the girls, so thing were good. The temperature reached a high of 33'c, so summer has reached us already, may it continue.

Hey it's Madeline (on the right) and her Sister Fabiana (on the right if you can't tell) riding on the German National team.

Some of the team waiting for the start, what a great lineup.

And say goodbye to the fantastic north of Holland, and not the good weather, I am taking this with me to the south.

I got a few pics from all three races posted for you in the photo site.

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