21 April 2007

Ronde van Drenthe World Cup

This is one the new races in the World Cup this season, but we have raced almost the same circuit the last couple of years as part of the Tour of Drente. The sun was up, and the temperature was up even higher. Before the start, the gauge was ready almost 28'c, and this was supposed to be spring. Most of the trade teams had had a few changes to the teams they were racing on Thursday. Some of the stars had been resting while the younger riders were getting a bit if a run. We were running most of the younger riders this time out, so were not expecting a whole lot of action. But we would certainly take any chances we could, and were here for the racing, not the sunshine.

The Race pretty much stayed together right till the end. With no real hills to speak of in his part of town, they used the famous Vamberg (a big pile of compacted rubbish, which seems to grow taller every year) to try and break up the race a little. It seemed to work well, as the last time over the hill decided most of the top ten. You can read more about the race here at Cycling News cause I have run out of things to say. But have a few photos for you, cause a picture says a thousand words, doesn't it?

Nice lineup for the teams presentation the night before the race, unfortunatly the thousands of spectators didn't turn up, but three of them did though.

What a nice clean lineup of bikes and cars, this is my presentation for the day.

And the race is finally started, hey get back behind the bike.

Some more of the very nice countryside, and the bunch looks fast.

A nice section of cobbles just to shake things up a little. This doesn't really show you how bad they can be.

Iris getting her breath back after a tough day in the saddle.

I got a few pics from all three races posted for you in the photo site.

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