21 October 2007

An Autumns Day

With the season finished, and almost all my work done for the season, things have been pretty relaxed around here. With autumn coming on strong, the sun has almost gone for the year. With less than two weeks left for me here in the Netherlands, I have finally got a little bit of time for some riding.

Some nice sunshine poking it's way through the dying leaves.

Time to get out there and enjoy the last few days of summer, before the shit weather is upon us. I am always looking at the weather back in NZ about this time, just to see if I am missing out on any sunshine, but I have been lucky so far. From the looks of the snow reports, and the punters complaining anout the cold snap, I seem to be winning here with the weather so far. but it is getting a bit cold at night, but the days almost make up for it.

The local windmill, searching for wind on an otherwise perfect day.

Art shot

There is not much around the neighbourhood I have not seen a few times, so it's always good when there is such a perfect day for the old camera. And the colours in some of the fields and forests this time of year, is hard to replicate. All the leaves and litter on the trails, add a little bit of noise to an otherwise quiet ride.

A nice looking field, with a few horses from the riding school.

I am still messing around a bit with my video program, but it still looks like it's compressing it a bit too much, as I am loosing a bit of detail. But here I made a little bit of vid of my ride home from the teams base to the team house. It's longish, but all the same, could be good when I get it sussed.

A nice day to be on the bike, riding home after a few hours work.

and I thought it might have been youtube, but alas, same though my mac pages here.

Check out a few more pics here.

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