26 October 2007

Surfs Up

With a little bit of time up my sleeve, and with the weather outside starting to deteriorate at a rapid rate. I find myself spending a fair bit of time on the old computer most nights. Catching up on some research and finishing a few projects I have been working on. It's alway nice when you make a good find.

Nothing much new comes out these days that really is different, but this bike below is. A concept bike like no other (actually both Cannondale and Specialized have done this idea on show bikes, but not as cool), but this is way cooler and lighter than the other. Designed and built by a couple of Japanese guys, Makota Makita and Hiroshi Tsuzaki. The 'Zero' looks like a pretty wild bike, their main drive in the design was light, and by the looks of this thing, I think they succeeded. And those hub-less wheels look pretty sweet. As much as I hate TT bikes, this is one bike that I would love to have in my quiver.

So from that I started looking a bit more, and found this little beauty. the funny thing is to read some of the comments, either left by class mates or other designers. They give him a real hard time. Hey it's a pretty cool looking bike all the same.

That is until I found this baby below from Amen Motorcycles. Now that's what I call a chopper, and those hub-less wheels look pretty amazing. And this guy has a working model, but it looks fairly interesting, (scroll down a bit to see it) but at least he has it ridable. Now if we can find a chopper that looks like this, and is human powered, I think then I have found my dream bike. Well at least for this month anyway.

A bit more info on hub-less wheels here and over here.

And for the coolest cyclist of the month, it has to be this guy. Looking pretty cool with his sunnies on, ready to rip up the sidewalks. After collecting pictures of monkeys, bikes, and monkeys on bikes, this is the best so far I think. And the crazy thing is, it is almost a dead ringer for my old flatmate Andy. The difference is this guy looks like he knows how to ride a bike, enjoy.


G said...

Doggy Bay rides again !

benny said...

I haven't heard him called that for a while, thanks for reminding me G.