31 December 2007

Happy New Year, and some good racing.

The Auckland Christmas parade, waiting for the start.

Hope you all had a great Christmas, plenty of good times with family and friends, and of course all that fabulous food you only get this time of year. Only a few hours to go before the end of the year, and when the next one starts. A couple of hours rest before I meet a few friends for a few drinks, and a bit of New Years Eve shenanigans. I have to behave myself a little, as I might have to pack and be on a plane in the morning. I am awaiting for conformation on some flights to Melbourne, and to some of the first races of the season. I still have a job, and by the sounds of things, plenty of work for most of the year. The team has a new look, but as yet I have seen no photos published yet. All of the team have had their riding kits sent to them, so no doubt you will see them on the net pretty soon. And I think most of all I am excited about what colour the bikes are, a change from white would be welcomed.

From the sound of things, the team is well on track for a great season, even with all the changes with the sponsors. As mentioned earlier, Addidas stopped their sponsorship a year early, as did Audi for the team cars. The latest change is the news that we change from Continental tyres to the other German manufacturers, Schwable. As of last week, all new sponsors had been found, and the last decisions on the team cars would come next week. And by then they should have had the team trucks and cars stickered up, ready for the European season.

So the racing kicks off with the Jayco Bay Crits in Geelong and the surrounding areas for three days, then off to Ballarat for the Aussie nationals. Both of these events I will have both the Women and the Men to look after, for a total of six I think. Then from there it’s off to the Tour Down Under in Adelaide, the fist race of the UCI pro tour. Hope it has got a bit cooler by the time we start racing, as they had a record 43’c today. The highest temperature recorded for 100 years, but at least there is no snow, that’s got to be good for you.

Our native Christmas tree, the Pohutukawa (metrosidious excelsior), in full bloom right on time as usual.

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