5 January 2008

The season is starting.

Six weeks at home flew by pretty dam quick. By the time I caught up with family and friends, it felt like I was saying goodbye at the same time. I barely had time to get organised before I was packing my still half unemptied bag again. But I was still in the southern hemisphere, so it was not all too bad, at least I would still have the summer with me for a while, as you all know how much I like the sunshine. Or as it may be, my dislike for being in the snow and cold. For those of you that happen to be looking out the window, looking at nothing but snow and rain, tough eh. I am sure by checking out some of the up coming stories and pics, it will feel as though it summer already, and maybe you can imagine you are here. And yes there is a thing as it being too hot, but you won’t hear it coming out of my mouth, not yet anyway. The night before I flew out, we were looking at the temperatures I might be experiencing in the next few weeks. And what a shock, as both cities I will be working in were having record high temperatures at the time. With Adelaide taking the prize, with a massive 43’c during the day, with a low of 32’c at night. Melbourne was just as extreme, with some highs in the low forties, it was going to be fun. But the fun was not what I was thinking as I headed to the Airport at the ungodly hour of 4am. Lucky it’s only a few hours flight, still it’s not long enough to get any sleep though, oh well, roll on the racing season.

The beauitiful Geelong harbour, looking towards the race courses for the last few races.

Right off the plane, I was picked up and delivered to the first races for the years. The Jayco Bay Criteriums, in the Melbourne area, are up first. Five days, five crits, then off to the Aussie Nationals, the week after that. The crits have been running for a while, 20 years in fact, and it’s some pretty fast racing for getting rid of that post Christmas/New Years excessiveness. Put some short and grovely courses in, some inexperienced riders, and a good bit of heat and you got something for everyone, and plenty of action (I want to say crashes, but I don’t won’t to jinx anyone). I have a fairly easy agenda for the week, only three Women, Oneone Wood, Alexis Rhodes and Kate Bates. With the Men, I have only one, Scott Davis, so at least there won’t be too much pressure, but I am sure I can find some somewhere. These Crits are pretty famous for being the fastest Crits in the world, or at least that’s what they are saying in all the press blurbs. But we will see, I have been in the Crit capital of the world for the last three years, Holland, so they have a hard act to follow.

Cool sculpture on the waterfront.

Five days, five different courses, and they started with a bang. First race for Team High Road, and we still have not got any of the equipment down here. So my first job was de-Magentering the bikes, basically covering everything that has the word T-Mobile, Magenta (that’s Pink for you blokes out there). Helmets, bikes, everything I could find was covered in tape, it was quite satisfying covering it, as I think the bike looks way faster now that they are looking a little bit stealthy, but they are still pretty white (my nemesis colour). The new helmets have arrived, and are clearing customs as we speak. The riding kits are on the water, and should be here in the next few days, I am dieing to see what it looks like, and is most of the world I think. Most of the bikes are on the way downunder, so will get to see them for the Tour Down Under. I will get a pic or two of some of the graphics they have sent, then you can get some idea of the colours we will be using for the year, looks pretty cool so far.

Must almost be time for a swim, the time is 10am, and already we have 34’c, the third race is about to start, so I better look as though I am working towards it. Now I have found some internet, I will try and get a report up tonight of the first four races, and a few pics posted. That’s assuming I have not melted in the heat.

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