26 April 2008

The Drought is Over

With some serious blogging over the last few months, things have ground to a bit of a halt. In a moment of laptop spring-cleaning madness, I managed to delete a few updates I had stored for uploading when I found some internet somewhere. Three good long drawn out races, just the sort of stories I know you all love, gone, though no other reason than operator error. Oh well, now you will get the short versions, as I have no interest in repeating my work. I am sure there was some 'Bloggers Block', and a bad case of 'CBF' thrown in as well

And actually having some spare time since landing in Europe has been non-existent at this stage, and doesn’t look like it is going to change in a hurry. So time to start the short versions (there has been a lot of racing) or else I just start from where I am now, and save myself a lot work in the meantime.

I will try to give you the short versions of all the races I have working on, we see. Of course you always have the photo pages to make up your own stories from. I will endevour to fill in the odd race report for the past, but don’t count on too much, too soon.

In the mean time here are a couple of things to keep you busy, just to give me a bit more time to get organised.

The coolest bike storage building in the world, only in Japan. Just park your bike, swipe your card and it's gone. When you are ready for the ride hime, swipe the card again, and in under 25 seconds, it's ready to roll home. Now thats the sort of thing they need in every city.

And one of the coolest pedal powered machines I have seen for a while. This even looks like you can ride it as well. A blast from the past, made in the modern era. I got to get me one of these. Check it out a bit more here


scooter said...

hey benny, good to see you bloggin again. BTW, what does CBF mean?, is that a kiwi TLA?

benny said...

CBF is a rather common disease, I suffer a lot from it after big tours. I heard something similar the other day from one of the staff CBB (Can't Be Bothered). CBF is a far worse problem. it's quite contagious sometimes. Sure you get it most fridays about lunchtime and the packages just don't seem to get delivered on time, your tired, and CBF sets in big time. Later

Anonymous said...

Hi Benny,

Great to read your blogs from the peleton.

Just wanted to know if you will be around for the Berner Rundfahrt next weekend. It is held in the village were I live in Switzerland and would be good to have a chat with another Bike mad Kiwi.

let me know


benny said...

yep will be there for sure. Not sure where we are staying yet, but should know pretty soon. And we do a TT somewhere near Lucerne as well a couple of days before Bern. Later benny

Anonymous said...

Benny.... you missed NZ Single Speed Champs! Have a look on Vorb for the goss/pics if you haven't already. Weinberg won it, over me. He was probably scared by my hideous Beige Brigade skinsuit. The beer shortcut almost proved the winning move. Next year dude. Pencil in a weeks leave from your contract to come home for it :)


benny said...

Yeah I know, but I was at the first champs way back in 2004, same winner as well with Garth taking it out as well. Kind of boycotted the champs anyway, but thats another story. Funny as it is, Dean the organisor was the same guy that made our life so difficult when we ran the first champs. It's amazing he had no qualms calling it the 'First NZ Singlespeed Champs' when he knew we already held one. It was when it was cool, and not mainstream, like it is now. Congrats on the 2nd place, and did spot the skinsuit live from the race.
catch you soon, benny