12 May 2008

Almost Ready

If ever there was some sort of amnesty offered for errant bloggers, I would be the first one standing in line to claim it. As time rolls on, my attempt at trying to clear a few races and a few good stories, seems almost like a distant dream. It is really stopping me getting on with the real issues of life of a mechanic on the road. But this I suppose is sometimes the reality of this job, when you get a bit of spare time, the last thing you want to do is sit down with the computer. Sleep is first on the list, relaxing or mindless foreign television watching is next in line. Closely followed by a night propping up the bar in some dodgy hotel after a nights work. Drinking some crap local wine, and trying not to talk bikes for a while.

I have talked to many people both riders and fans about my current situation about my website, and they all have the same problem. When they get a little too far behind in the stories and updates, it becomes overwhelming to try and catch up. I suffer from this more than most this time of year, as the work just does not seem to stop coming. I suppose it is a good sign, the team is happy with my work, and the riders as well are happy with their bikes. It shows in the amount and frequency of races they are sending me to at the moment. So it is not a bad thing, and the work will never stop coming unfortunately. I just have to find a way to catch up quickly, and easily, so then at least I can give you some reasonable updates for the current and upcoming races I will be working on.

So I have a plan, and this is one I have used on many occasions before. The good ol ‘Picture says a thousand words’ excuse will work fine for me here. I was going to forget completely about any sort of catch up, and just pretend that nothing ever happened. But I knew you would all be so on to it, that you would not let me pull this one. So here we go, almost two months in one single entry. Then maybe I can get back to the real story telling I know you all love (well at least the 12 of you that have told me so far, thanks to you lot). Some of the races I have some pictures loaded into my photo pages, and some I will be loading shortly for the last few races. And if I get all inspired and have a bit of spare time on my hands (could happen), I will fill in a few gaps for ya.

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